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Land Dance South Italy

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Campania, Basilicata, Puglia
Join our caravan of dancers, traveling through the ancient landscapes of South Italy.
Land Dance invites you to discover the Mediterranean islands of Ischia and Sicilia, to dance in the mountains of Tito, and to meet dancers and musicians from Southern cities of Napoli and Bari.

Next journey is October 2023, Land Dance on tour with site specific performances, labs and workshops

LAND DANCE is an adventurous journey into local environments, into dance and music. We connect through the body, to each other, to the elements of nature, to the history of the lands, present, past and future.
We work with instant composition, dance improvisation and contact improvisation.

Land Dance project sets out to make new friends and networks across Europe. We offer workshops, explorations and performances, co-creation projects with local and international performers and musicians.
In South Italy, we visit the original homes of Italian dancers and performers Antonio Buono and Rosella De Rosa, and musician Luca Tomasicchio.
We BEGIN the journey in Napoli, a 3.000 years old city, theatrical and emotional, the neighbour volcano Vesuvio alive and breathing.
We CONTINUE by boat to Ischia, a small subtropical island. Here we work in a local theatre and in nature, dance in the ocean and hot springs, and end with a performance at the Torrione Tower.
RETURNING to the mainland, we travel to the village of Tito, to dance in mountains and forest, encounter local artists and shamans, and the traditional bakery of the Buono family.
From here WE MOVE to the cultural city of Bari, Luca’s hometown, to enjoy performative experiences in the city and explore historical sites.

The journey has four locations, you can join one, two, or all of them.
Land Dance plan the workshops and performances, and propose sleeping options, co-cooking options and transport options.
You are free to choose options that works the best for you (-:

Land Dance LAB invite people passionate and professionals within dance, theatre and music.
Land Dance WORKSHOP invite local citizens and artists of all ages and experience to explore their surroundings.
We offers tools and technics for new dance experiences and dance interaction. We improvise and explore together, we dive into the amazing world of contact improvisation, and discover how to create instant choreography and composition. How to connect and relate to our environment, to bodies and music, to the spaces we inhabit, the earth.
We move together in an easy and playful way, being your own dancer.
The main teacher is Pipaluk, dancer and choreographer, and initiator of Land Dance.

The organizers :
ROSELLA De Rosa is a performer, trapeze artist, dancer, yoga teacher and professional ayurvedic masseuse.
ANTONIO Buono is an actor/educator, street performer, stilter, dancer and natural buffon.
LUCA Tomasicchio, double bass player. His intent is always to enter into vibration with what surrounds him, whether they are words, movements, images, feelings, landscapes or music. The goal is to return the sound filtered by his own sensitivity.
PIPALUK is a dancer, choreographer and PIPALUK is a dancer, choreographer and musician, and an independent creator of performance and site specific production. She teaches improvisation tools with a focus on creative process, supporting dancers in their own path.

LAND DANCE by Copenhagen Dream House in collaboration with organisations Fuori Sentiero (Basilicata) and Pirati del cuore (Ischia).

photo : Valentina Possente

There’s a contribution to participate in the workshops and dance experiences.
Food, sleeping and transport, you pay according to your choices.
SCHEDULE and COST, tour 2022
17 November, NAPOLI, masterclass of contact improvisation and jam with live music.
WORKSHOP 10€, sleeping and food self organised.
18-23 November, ISCHIA, 6 days of dance improvisation and contact improvisation, in studio and explorations and performance in nature.
WORKSHOP 100€ for the all week, 20€ per day,
ACCOMODATION In dormitory 20€/night, shared room 25€/night, 5€/day kitchen.
TRANSPORT Ferry from Napoli around 12€
24-25 November, TITO, 2 days in the mountains, dance workshop with shamanic live music and explorations in nature.
WORKSHOP 30€/2 days, 20€/1 day
ACCOMODATION in cozy shelter, shared rooms 15€/night, shared meals 15€ pr day
TRANSPORT by bus, or shared car
26-27 November, BARI, 2 days workshop in Polignano a Mare, by the sea
WORKSHOP 50€/2 days 30€/1 days
ACCOMODATION private or airbb
TRANSPORT bus or car
28-29 November, BARI, Terlizzi, open exploration in Murgia National Park, for Land Dance participants, amazing nature and lots of ruins
ACCOMODATION private or airbb
TRANSPORT bus or car