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Inner Rockstar

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intensive laboratory for artists working in the fields of dance, music, performance art and installations.

“do you have conscious or perhaps unconscious fantasies of playing mad electric guitar and screaming “f..k” into a microphone?”
Inner Rockstar is a workshop and performance experiment guided by Pipaluk Supernova

Pipaluk is teaching improvisation tools and techniques including vocal training and hands on electric instruments and microphones. Dance work and choreographic tools based on release, contact and improvisation techniques are equally integrated.

Pipaluk is exploring an open yet highly intense framework for creating multidimensional performance spaces where both audience and performers are constantly challenged to move into unknown territory.
Andreas, playing double bass and electronics, is an accomplished classical soloist who is fearless in his approach to developing and sustaining musical improvisation and role play.

Based on our findings in the ”Inner Rockstar” workshop , choreographer Pipaluk Supernova propose a performance installation that involves the audience in very direct and most amusing way.

Earlier performance installations took place in Schwelle 7 and Ponderosa Tanzland in the Berlin area, “Inner Rockstar 100.998 seconds” invited the audience to join a 28 hour long experiment in Schwelle 7 (read more below), “Bedroom Rockstar”, was a 12 hour experiment, and in Ponderosa “Temple Rockstar”, presented an 8 hour experiment.

Inner Rockstar 100.998 seconds

This highly unusual performance concept invites everyone to live out their secret or less secret fantasies of becoming a wild one, a star, a queen, a mad guitarist, a punk singer, a boy band hero or anything else you can dream up. It only takes a few minutes to become an acclaimed rockstar in our world.

The project is a ongoing research study, diving into any possible cliche within the iconology of “stardom”, the archetypical images of men and woman engulfed in glory and divinity and serving as inspiration for identity search and day dreams
Inner Rockstar invite everone to unleash the beast within, on stage! – to play mad electric guitar and scream your heart out into a microphone. You are not expected to be able to sing or play any instrument, actually its better if you don’t!

Playing with the elements of surprise and challenge, the INNER ROCKSTAR provokes soul searching moments when astonished audience members get to direct an entire set of show dancers and band members, to decide upon preferred costumes and genré, and to be the lead singer! It doesn’t take long before it’s hard to tell who are the performers, the spectators, the musicians and the fans, and the different roles keeps transforming and interacting.

The game of INNER ROCKSTAR is incredibly entertaining, an open space inhabited by strung out characters constantly changing costumes and attempting to live out every possible cliche in rock’n roll history. The space is equipped with various electric instruments and “stages” as well as an open costume department, a cool bar and “hotel rooms”, symbolically marked and numbered. Here the stars write songs, host wild backstage parties or…
A number of rules and hidden scores make the improvised performance expand into an open space where visitors may interact and move in and out as they please while the professional performers continue to guide a progression of simultaneous improvisations and games.

Amazingly the crash bang concept of INNER ROCKSTAR produces a large number of very original “bands” and great musical outputs and choreographies. The fleeting nature of multiple flux improvisations is generating a great rush of freedom for everyone present. We laugh and take on the most impossible challenge with hardly no preparation at all, an uplifting experience that change peoples idea of what they can and can not do.

INNER ROCKSTAR generates a lot poetry and a lot of noise, being part of a NOW where practically every transformation is possible.

some photos from Inner Rockstar in Schwelle 7,

photo above : performer Frank Willens, photo Mathias Vejerslev