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Land Dance Tårnby

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Saturday 9th September kl 16-20  Tårnby/Copenhagen @ ‘Sneglen’
– open workshops, performance and concert

Engaging citizens of Tårnby and nearby Copenhageners in re-thinking their connections
with the landscapes we are surrounded by, and meeting at the crossroads between urban and natural.

LAND DANCE is an adventurous artistic journey of dance and music, highlighting the unique architecture and atmosphere of ‘Sneglen’ (Kastrup Søbad).
The project is a co-creation of local and international performers and musicians as well as citizens of Tårnby.

We connect through the body, to each other, to the elements of nature, to the history of the lands,
present, past and future. We work with instant composition and dance improvisation.

The LAND DANCE project has traveled the Danish islands and countryside, and is now reaching Tårnby
We explore both in an urban and nature landscapes, with an investigative and curious
approach to human interaction with our habitat.

LAND DANCE illuminates the atmosphere of ‘Sneglen’ and the sculpture garden on ‘Sunset Hill’ across, from ‘Sneglen’, suggesting a poetic way to rediscover our landscapes by simple means; dance, movement and acoustic music.
LAND DANCE is initiated by Danish choreographer Pipaluk. Original music is played live by Italian double bass player and composer Luca Tomasicchio and international guest stars.

LAND DANCE is offers projects, open workshops and events, performances and concerts.
Our focus is the periphery of the metropole, the coast connecting the sea.
We like to involve artists and citizens in re-thinking their connection with the landscapes we are surrounded by, at the crossroads between urban and natural.

Events in Sneglen (Amager Beach) Tårnby
● kl 16 & kl 17 Community laboratory LAND DANCE
We invite citizens of Tårnby Municipality and nearby Copenhageners of all ages, to explore their surroundings. Land Dance artists offer tools and techniques for new movement experiences, ideas on how to interact with our environment. Together we play and explore, discover how to create instant choreography and composition, how to connect and relate to our environment, through our bodies
The Lab is guided by Pipaluk Supernova and Rosella De Rosa
(duration 45min)

● kl 18 Participatory performance and concert LAND DANCE
We invite the community laboratory participants to join professional performers and musicians in experiencing the landscape and nature of ‘Sneglen’, and take part in the contemporary dance performance.
The simple ideas and concept of the performance will be introduced during the community laboratory, a poetic challenge to rediscover our local environment through simple means; dance, movement and acoustic music.
(duration 45 min)

● kl 19 Sunset PIcnic and free DANCE,
To end the evening of participatory performance in a social og cozy atmosphere , we invite people to listen to the ambient music, enjoying a moment in harmony with surroundings, the people and nature.
We invite participants and visitors to spend time together, to keep on moving and connecting.

Participation is free, remember to bring your own water, snacks/food, blanket

Supported by Tårnby Kultur

photo Aitor Arruti