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Water Spiral

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Through a simple interphase the audience can control the opposing currents in the cylinder, a replica of natural forces. By experimenting and adjusting the control knobs, we are enabled us to recreate natures preferred pattern, the vortexial movement of energy, spirals of endless beauty.

It is the helical turn and the whorl within whorls, yet what happens every time you let the water out of your kitchen sink.

Inspired by the revolutionary discoveries of scientist Viktor Schauberger, artist Thomas Jørgensen has recreated the cycloid-spiral-space-curve motion of the natural vortex, to be enjoyed just for beauty and the fun of creating spirals and double spirals.. or to have us reflect once more. Are we missing the obvious? If water is alive and generating energy when allowed to follow its natural patterns, what does that mean to modern man and industrial evolutions of today?

The irrevocable pollution of our natural water resources, the obstruction of water flow through dams and pipes and the privatization of public drinking water create a serious background for this beautiful interactive installation of water and light.

Artist : Thomas Jorgensen (idea in collaboration w. Pipaluk Supernova)

Technical requirements :
Ground space 2 m2
Access to fresh water and drainage, 300 liters, to be replaced every 3-4 days

Photo : Mathias Vejerslev