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Our projects are created in collaboration with dancers, installation artists, engineers and musicians from around the world.

Here is some of our artists  :


Choreographer and dancer Pipaluk, artistic director, she creates performances, events and art projects in collaboration with international artists, dancers, installation artists, scientists, engineers, programmers and musicians. Her work include large scale performance installations on land and on water.


Composer and musician, classical soloist on double bass, creator of sound environments and original compositions for Copenhagen Dream House. Andreas is arranging and writing music for many artists and artistic productions. He released several solo albums under alias Andy Benz.


Aerial dancer and artist out of San Francisco, co-founder of Half Machine, a key player in creating huge interactive installations with dancers and objects suspended from cranes, ships, buildings and ceilings. Karl is a professional rigger and a daring performance- and installation artist.


Installation artist, light designer, specializes in large scale interactive installation works applying pyrotechnics, water and recycled materials. Thomas is the co-founder of Half Machine and Live Art Installations, a professional electrician, he also builds scenography, light sculptures and designs for interior and exterior spaces.


Sound and light designer using mathematics and physics as a tool. He has a Phd in higher dimensional black holes and string theory, and is also an arduino programmer. He is the main organizer of the cycle of public lectures Science & Cocktails.


Tash Verco organized for positive social change in constructive and confrontative ways for over two decades. She is fascinated by the hows and whys of action for a better world. She is inspired by creative change makers and and fueled by the myriad of hopes for different worlds being expressed in creative actions.


Dancer, performer, actor, Frank is a core creator in establishing the interactive spaces where both the audience and the artists feel at home, his is part of Half Machine and Live Art Installations since 03. Frank fully embraces the challenge of productions involving hundreds of artists,  a courageous performer combining dancing skills with humour and presence.


photographer and architect. Karina is a still photographer, she takes pictures for film, books, magazines and art, including interiors, portraits, dance and travel. Karina has published several photo books, and photographs for Live Art Installations and Copenhagen Dream House since 2009.


is a dancer and performer. She teaches dance and contact improvisation internationally, she is also a yoga teacher and a body therapist. Dorte, also known as Dot, organize dance festivals and tour with performances,  she is part of  Live Art Installations productions since 2009.


Dancer and musician, she also serves organizationally as darling secretary. Her dance duo New Extreme Dance Explosions Awesomes brought her theatrical dance work work to many venues throughout Philadelphia and New York. Allison holds a B.A. in Dance, with a minor in Management, and is a certified Yoga instructor. Allison composes and sings and is into bold, beautiful, mystical, and mythological.


Dancer, born in Moscow and lived in the United States where she danced with the Boston ballet and trained in release technique, Graham, Cunningham, Limón, contact improvisation, as well composition and choreography. She organizes dance initiatives around the world, and studies flamenco intensively. Currently taking her International Masters in Performing Arts.


Sound artist and sound engineer on art, music and film productions. Bo creates interactive sound installations and is an experienced  live music engineer and recording technician. Bo also a programmer, and works with internet based applications and interactive tools and networks for sound and light.


Combining creative experiments and homemade edits and mashups w. party music, Copyflex is one of the most popular dj´s in Copenhagen. In addition to solo performances Copyflex is part of musical partnerships such as Copia Doble Systema and slow-rave duo Copyfokking. Copyflex plays all over the map, reggaebars in Hanoi, Philippino sports arenas, streetparties in Cairo and muslim wedding parties.


Videographer – directing, camera, editing – focus on creating live essence documentation at artistic, installation or multimedia events. She documented Half Machine and Live Art Installations since 2006. She is the founder of Playapart,  video and film production that aims to rise social and environmental activism into the artistic and information sectors. She also performs as VJ at music and cultural events.


Dancer, performer, collaborator out of Helsinki. Linda is a wild performer and a devoted worker always interested in learning new things (like climbing on the wall of a craft or setting lights in horrible rain..). She loves challenges and to work with people. Linda wants to dance fully, sing fully, love fully and live fully. Linda graduated as a master of arts from the Helsinki Theatre Academy in 08.


Dancer, also works in the field of text, soundscapes and video, design lights and costumes. His work is image and content based and context specific, engaging in a number of collaborative performances. Dan loves high dynamic physicality and working on strange physical structures and apparatuses and teaches contact improvisation and improvisational composition internationally.


Dancer, performer. Pierre is originally from France and he is now established in Denmark dancing and teaching in the field of contemporary dance. Movement, communication and expression are his key words for the works he produces. Pierre is curious and love unexplored areas.


Media artist based in Europe and US. She creates visuals for theater, video, exhibition, installation and special events. Her work often explores cross-sensory experience in a minimalist framework by integrating image and sound into visual music. Her interest is in psychophysical effects of visual music – how visual music stimulates the senses.


Classically trained violinist with diploma from the conservatory in Montréal, Århus and Oslo. Part of the Half Machine project since 2004, working in symphony orchestras, with performance, and writing and recording string arrangments for artists and producers.


graduated from L`Ecole Supèrieur des Arts du Cirque in Brussels where she specialized in partner acrobatics. She teaches Vinyasa flow yoga, Kundalini yoga teacher and is a Reiki master. Ulrike worked with the Belgian nouveau cirque and various international dance companies in Europe and US, she been part of the Half Machine crew since 04.


alias Mangrove Kipling, french musician and artist. Guitar, violin, lapsteel guitar and laptop all intermingle in his work in order to create a specific sonic language where noise meets melody, field-recordings and circuit-bending processing. His works evolve between solo and many collaborations with musicians dancers, visual artists and performers.


Installation artist, performer and lead singer in punk band Beurre Noir. TrineTrash contributes to the landscapes of Half Machine and Live Art Installations creating twisted interactive installations and performances, like the all time audience favourite ‘Smash Your Trash’, dancing with ‘PornWar’ and the floating cannibal barbecue of Submarine Ballet.