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Half Machine 06

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The theme for Half Machine 06 is the interaction between the human body and mind and the natural elements, looking into the works of Wilhelm Reich, Nikola Tesla, Viktor Schauberger and Osho.
Half Machine has a clear emphasis on art and research interconnecting. In creating an ongoing experience that will make the public take active part and become catalysts for the experiments in question
We are interested in recycling objects and materials, the use of discarded technology and renewable energy sources.

Half Machine 06 select
photo: Mathias Vejerslev

CREDITS  : Maia Hauser, dancer, Venezuela, Ulrike Bodhammer, acrobat/dancer, D, Jhaemi Willens, dancer, USA, Karl Gillick, aerial dancer/ choreographer, USA, Bjørn Svin, electronic music/Dj, Dk, Felix Ruckert, choreographer, D,Andreas Bennetzen, dynamo bass, Dk, Helianne Blais, violin, Canada, Thomai Maganari, truthteller/ butoh dancer, Greece, Jen Galli, installation artist, D, Nicolas Padfield, installation artist, Dk, Jakob De Lemos, interactivity, Dk, Annette Finsdottir, net film, Dk, Trine Bjørstrup, installation/performance, Dk, Jaro Colajacomo, video/art-ivism, Italy, Paul Bush, writer/neuroscientist, GB/USA, Rita Venturini, researcher/neuroscientist, Italy/USA, Schack Lindemann, sound installation, Dk, Frauke Materlik, water installation, D, Matias Vejerslev, photographer, Dk, Stig Vatne & Amitai, installation, Norway/Dk, Sea of Tranquility, ambiance/video, Dk,DUNST, singing transvestits, Dk, Sarah Christensen, performance, Dk, Ulrik Brask/Frants Pandal, video installation/oracle/Dj, Dk,Thomas Jørgensen, vand/lys installation, Dk, Emma Lindgren, dance installation, Eylem Dal, installation, S, Ketil Solberg, violin, S, Erik Enstrøm, composer, S, Ane Trolle, singer, Dk, Lago, disco art, Dk, Kuno Kjærbye, composer, Dk, Mai, bar art, Dk, Sara Christensen, Orgon Girl, Dk, Karen Monrad, Orgon Girl, Dk, Rumpistol, orchestra, Dk, Alexia Zamparo, performer, Argentina, Bronwyn Michaelis, danser, South Africa, Jacob Remin & Martin Aggerbeck, videoinstallation, Dk, Pipaluk Supernova, choreographer/installation/music, Dk. Carl Emil Carlsen, lys/vand installation, Dk, Ghetthoblaster Ensemble, orchestra, Dk Parfyme, inflatable art, Dk,Stephen Riolo, coffe art, USA, Mikmo, circuit bending, Dk, Half Machine Music, orchestra, all star international, Rasmus Moebius, electronics, Dk, Ole Kristensen, data process, Dk,LAB, installationer & soundscapes, Dk, Robot, orkester, Danmark, Flex, electronics, Norge/Danmark, Claudia Rodriguez, installation, Colombia, Mads Høebye,lyd/plante installation, Dk, Simon Moe /Flopper, installation, Dk

Grey Hall, Christiania, 1-11th June 2006, video by Y4RO

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