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M/S Half Machine 07

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“M/S Half Machine”, the Half Machine 07 events, took place 10th-26th August in the South Harbor of Copenhagen.
M/S Half Machine
photo: Mathias Vejerslev

The M/S Half Machine events featured dancers, artists and musicians from all over the world, experimenting and collaborating to create performances and interactive installations onboard our art ship. Events was also part of the first Metropolis Biennale.

This project launched art ship M/S Half Machine into public consciousness, as a new platform for interactive art, music, performance and events in Copenhagen.

The artists onboard was connected through the Half Machine project, and managed the near impossible task of restoring a 580 tons old and rusty wreck into a functional, safe and highly original floating space for art and events.
M/S Half Machine 07, also called North Machine, was produced by Copenhagen Dream House and directed by Danish artist and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova in collaboration with the artists.
Half Machine 07 and North Machine 07 was supported by Copenhagen International Theater, Metropolis Biennale, By og Havn, Nordic Culture Foundation, KODA and Københavns Kulturfond.

KRAKA, submarine, PLAY APART, video art, LOST LOVE CINEMA, performance, PATCHWORK, video installations, MIKMO, circuitebending, Steve Hubback, metal installations, Stephen Riolo, Electro-Briki, Mastiq Sound Art, installation, The Symmetry Project, the Floating Space, the Table, Light Organs, Fire platform, Underwater Lights, Medusae Nilfisk and more…
An international group of dancers explored the art ship M/S Halfmachine, and new dances were created continuously. Improvisations guided by artistic director and choreographer Pipaluk Supernova, Kira Kirch, René Alvarez, Francesco Schiano, Allison Lorenzen, Hana Erdman, Mirva Makinen, Ulla Makinen, IIris Raipala Ricardo de Paula, Bruno Caverna, Karin Skaarback, Pipaluk Supernova, Poshu Wang, Louise Bertelsen, Allison Lorenzen, Maria Francesca Scaroni, Jess Curtis and Karl Gillick, aerial dancer
RM Dance Company – in memory of Ralph Grant : Birgitte Smedegaard Andersen, Marianne Flensborg, Claus Anton, MaybrittHämalaïnen, Pipaluk Supernova and Annakajsa Holmberg, opera, Karolina Bogus
Music+ sound art : Mikmo, circuit bending, Steve Hubback, metal percussion, Ugorskij & Meyer, new electronic, HAVBLIK AUDIO, seagull music, Tobi Twang, electronics, Henrik Liebgott, flamenco guitar, ISW Gregers Kirkegaard, music+visuals, Allan Hammerlund, poet, Harald Viuff, ambi concert, Miloud, trompet, Cecilie Brask, song, Tomas Ortved, drums, Jokke, dj, Jonas Gülstorf, poet, Vodoo Trash Musique, Yann, DROWNINGS DAISIES Allison Lorenzen and Hana Erdman, Helianne Blais, violin, Yann Coppier, electronic music, Laurent Lavole, noise art, Andreas Bennetzen, double bass and musicial director
Artists : Peter Madsen, Pipaluk Supernova, Thomas Jørgensen, Schack Lindeman, Mads Høbye, Nicolas Padfield, Jaroslava Colajacomo, Mikmo, Steve Hubback, Stephen Riolo, Stig Eivind Vatne og Mads Paluszewski and more…
Production crew : Coordinator and producer Pipaluk Supernova, technical director Thomas Jørgensen, musical director Andreas Bennetzen, add. coordination Tanja Brokholm Schollert, bar Mai & co, cooks Anders Rytter og Malene