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8bit Traffic

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Half Machine presents an interactive traffic installation for the opening of Cph Add in Ørestaden, the 16th May 2008

A formation of antique 8 bit diode displays linked to a sensitive microphone creates red & green light patterns triggered by the passing trains and cars on the highway.

The installation is part of a multiple artists and artist groups event, featuring light art, live music, video installations and great Dj’s. The party is all night in a huge underground space. A former bicycle basement under the subway now opens permanently for art and events, designated to bring culture and music to the new part of Copenhagen city, Ørestaden

Half Machine var repræsenteret ved åbningen af CPHAdd – Copenhagen Architecture + Design Days – med vores diodedisplays som ‘lyttede’ til trafikken omkring Ørestad Metro station, og ‘spillede med’ når et tog kom forbi.

8bit Traffic created by Schack Lindemann, Mads Høbye, Pipaluk Supernova, Thomas Jørgensen, Nicolas Padfield