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Half Machine 08

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Half Machine 08
photo: Mathias Vejerslev

In August 2008 we sailed art ship M/S Half Machine (the Pananga Pearl) to the North Harbor of Copenhagen. In the amazing setting of ‘Docken’ Half Machine artists hosted 3 weeks of international artists lab and events in the spectacular converted warehouse of Docken, on the docks, on the ship, on submarines and in the water.
Half Machine ‘Explosion Nights’ in Nordhavn featured artists, dancers and musicians from around the world, collaborating to create performances and interactive installations.

Some of the works of Half Machine 08 :

Explosion Tower (audience interactive installation)
Submarine Ballet
Tracking Lab (movement interactive video)
The Flying Staircase (water installation)
Electric Wheelchair Races for the audience
Destruction of a living room, audience controlled
Storytelling from an American writer
Upside down dancers suspended from a flying dome
Concerts vs Choreographies
Emotional Respons lab, infared camera research
Audience interactive sound installations
A living room inside a giant aquarium
…and much more

Artists : Thomas Jørgensen, Pipaluk Supernova, Dzl, Sonny Windstrup, Stephen Riolo, Vanessa Carpenter, Dzl, Anders Mellbrat, Nils Wiberg, Anson Smith, Piet Baeten, Peter Madsenm Mads Høbye, Nicolas Padfield, N55, Christian Liljedahl, 02L,
Dancers : Sofia Karlson, Pierre Enaux, Michiel van Leeuwun, Ester Wrobel, Ulrike Bodammer, Daniel Bear Davies, Ulla Makinen, Frank Willens, Karl Gillick, Steen Koerner, Pipaluk Supernova, Anna Anderegg, Lara Russo
Musicians : Andreas Bennetzen, Helianne Blais, Tobi Twang, Philip Kamata, Gregers Kierkegaard, Henrik Andersen, Marco Barotti, Tomas Ortved, Cecilie Brask, Tobias Wallin and guests
Musical director : Andreas Bennetzen
Technical director : Thomas Jørgensen
Artistic director : Pipaluk Supernova
Partners : Docken, Metropolis Labs, K.I.T.
Produced by : Copenhagen Dream House and supported by the Copenhagen City (Københavns Kommune) and Copenhagen Harbor (By og Havn)