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photo: Mathias Vejerslev

8 tons of water encapsulated by steel and glass. A surreal liquid screen of gigantic proportions displaying living humans slowly spiraling and embracing under water.

The dancers, the inflated cloth and nude limbs, the unspoken. The massive presence of water draws you in to a meditative state,  slow transformation of spiraling bodies. The Aquarium creates an otherworldly atmosphere of deep space and drifting time.

Sound ambiances are created by classic soloist and electric double bass player Andreas Bennetzen. An interactive underwater light system sparks subtle changes in color texture of the water.

Artists :
An international crew of ‘water dancers’ dance under water.
Dimensions :
Frame : 2x2x2 meters – nearly 2 tons of steel and glass
Total weight with water is 10 tons
Technical requirements :
Ground space frame 2×2 min + room for musician(s) and audience, water content 8m3
Access to supply of water, salt water or fresh water, and drainage.

AQAURIUM is created by Pipaluk Supernova supported by Thomas Jørgensen, Schack Lindemann, Andreas Bennetzen and the dancers. Frame donated by Zentropa.
Choreographer : Pipaluk Supernova
Dancers on photos : Frank Willens, Ulrike Bodammer, Johhanna Chemnitz, Francesco Sciani, Dorte Bjerre, Allison Lorenzen, Karl Gillick, Stepehen Riolo, Pipaluk Supernova
Video art on ship by Chiaki Watanabe
Solo bass : Andreas Bennetzen
Video : dancer Pipaluk Supernova, camera/edit Y4RO