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100 dancers Copenhagen

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100 DANCERS meeting  & research  – a new international forum addressing and facilitating exchange between dancers and choreographers – in collaboration with musicians + new media artists

Conference and public events in Copenhagen 28th July – 5th August 2011.

Our focus is the creative process in dance, the making of events and invention of new choreographic concepts.  100 DANCERS addresses the individual artist’s need to explore on their own terms and yet contribute to a bigger picture. Our tools are improvisation and contact improvisation,  investigating the ‘now’ experience, enabling a dynamic search within questions and possible answers.

SITE SPECIFIC dance is a main theme of the 100 DANCERS project. ‘Site specific’ means creating artistic events for a specific space or place (not a theater). Both our cities and nature provide an endless source of incredible sceneries, each one with their own unique atmosphere and multitude of stories to be told.

100 DANCERS will bring dance to public places and urban environments, for a short moment transforming our habitual surroundings.

100 DANCERS research and events also take place summer 2011 in Spain and Germany.

In collaboration with Metropolis Biennale, Ponderosa, B.I.D.E, C.K.O and many more

photo:  Ingrid Bugge, graphics Pipaluk