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Copenhagen Dances

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Dancing in the City

– 120 international dancers, artists and musicians  explore and transform urban spaces in Copenhagen

2, 3, 4, 5 August 2011

Dancing in the City is part of the 100 DANCERS initiative and created in collaboration with  ‘Metropolis’ – a festival for art and performance in urban space.

Our site specific events and dance installations features a great crew of international dancers, all collaborating in the creation of choreographies transforming our public spaces across Copenhagen city.

The artists travel across the city on a 100 bicycles, accompanied by live music and visual artists

Bring out your own bicycle and your picnic basket, follow the sound of Spanish opera and Indian love songs, or look for the larger than life Finish video art, Polish dance stars and Danish drag queens…

100 Dancers are coming to place near you. Follow our journeys through Copenhagen.

If you like to make a suggestion for a place or location in need of dance within Copenhagen, please email

Our videos and photos from 100 Dancers in Copenhagen is collected here : video & photo 2011

events ‘DANSE I BYENS RUM’ (Dancing in the City) is supported by Kunstyrelsen Dansepulje og DIVA, Nordisk Kulturfond, Københavns Kommune, C.K.O. and C.K.U.

photo : Karina Tengberg