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Battle of Copenhagen

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Battle of Copenhagen, by Per Morten Abrahamsen

photo : Per Morten Abrahamsen  .

17th August 2012                                                                                                           
Toldboden, Copenhagen

100 Double Basses, dancers at sea, sailing ships and floating light art

17th of August at Langelinie in Copenhagen is an evening beyond the usual. Here, 100 double basses from around the world play a concert with historic sailing ships, dancers, drag queens and light art in floating sceneries.

Inspired by the original naval battle ‘Battle of Copenhagen’ in 1801, choreographer Pipaluk Supernova and artist group Live Art Installations are staging this spectacular concert and event at Toldboden, Langelinie, the heart of the old Copenhagen waterfront.

Along with the beautiful three-master Georg Stage, Battle of Copenhagen engage the cityscape and harbor basin with floating fire, dance and art installation, illuminating the ships and the historic Naval Station.

Battle of Copenhagen is imagery, theater and neo-classical concert, created for the port area where the great naval battles took place in the 19th century.

video trailer 1 min.

video – 12 min.

The huge bass orchestra performs an original composition written for the occasion by double bass player and composer Andreas Bennetzen. The music will be conducted by means of light signals and Morse code.

Along with international dancers, the captains and crews of Copenhagen’s old sailing ships, folk dancers, transvestites, rocket builders and many more, installation artist Thomas Jorgensen will create light art above and below water.

In what promises to be a both grand, poetic, and entertaining staging of the Copenhagen harbor, midway between the Queens Castle and the Little Mermaid, the Battle of Copenhagen offers a kaleidoscopic time travel, images woven over the theme of ‘invasion’ and ‘war’.

The history of Copenhagen is interpreted freely, and in 2012 the battle is fought with bass tones instead of bullets. With inspiration from ancient naval battles and the ever changing European alliances, Battle of Copenhagen takes place a new century, one where world wars and invasions of distant countries is still on the agenda.
Battle of Copenhagen, by Karina Tengberg
photo : Karina Tengberg

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Meet the 100 double bass players, beautiful old sailing ships, dancers on the water, majestic drag queens and fiery installation art…
The Battle of Copenhagen invites all local citizens and visitors for a concert experience out of the ordinary.
The event is free of charge.

Battle of Copenhagen is created in collaboration with BASS 2012 , with support from the Danish Arts Council, Copenhagen municipality, KODA and Cph City & Port.

Toldboden comes to life on this summer evening in August, when the canons of the old naval fort fires at sunset.

Friday 17th August 9 pm
Toldboden, Copenhagen Harbor
Harbor busses sail to Toldboden, or walk along the water from the famous Nyhavn. 10 min walk from Østerport Station.

See google maps for details.

To talk to the artists and organization behind Battle of Copenhagen, please contact our press department
choreographer Pipaluk Supernova, tel. + 45 40 82 30 33

Behind the ‘Battle of Copenhagen’

Live Art Installations is a both Danish and international artists group, where dancers, installation artists and musicians work together in creating events for the public space. With a long history of artistic events and installations, the group also worked under the name Half Machine. Events in Denmark and abroad include ‘Submarine Ballet’, ‘Crane Ballet’ and ‘100 Dancers’. The productions are led by Danish choreographer Pipaluk Supernova, in collaboration with installation artist Thomas Jørgensen and composer and double bass player Andreas Bennetzen. Battle of Copenhagen is produced by Copenhagen Dream House.

Pipaluk Supernova is trained in dance and theater in France and USA, and as a choreographer and artist she toured around the world. She works with staging and directing large scale artistic experiments and events. She is inspired by the water element, and occasionally dance in her 10 tons aquarium, that on the 17th August will be floating in the harbor. Pipaluk aim to generate a both moving and relevant artistic process that also includes the audience. Her projects supports networking and exchange between Danish and international artists.

Andreas Bennetzen was trained as a double bass soloist at the conservatories in Denmark and Spain. Andreas plays with various orchestras and performs as soloist. He writes music and makes arrangements for classical and rythmical ensembles. He also works with electronic music, and recently released an acclaimed solo record for double bass. Andreas composes the music and conducts the concert Battle of Copenhagen.

Thomas Jorgensen is an installation artist and a trained electrician. Thomas has since 2003 worked with large scale events and installations, mostly for Half Machine, Roskilde Festival and Live Art Installation site- specific projects. Thomas is working with lights, pyrotechnics and interactive art, and is the technical director of Battle of Copenhagen.

Lars Hansen Danish captain and tow boat master, in charge of the maritim manuevres, and directing the battle from ocean perspective. Lars also supplies fleets, cranes and vessels for the battle.

International artists and dancers are coming to Copenhagen from many countries, and include American aerial dancer and choreographer Karl Gillick, who is staging dancers in the masts of the sailing ships. Local celebrities include the sailing ships Georg Stage, Mira, Lilla Dan and Halmø and Faaborg Kanonerlaug defending the city in uniforms from 1801.

The 100 double basses are in Copenhagen in connection with double bass convention BASS 2012, Europe’s biggest event for bassists, featuring showcases, master classes, seminars, competitions and exhibitions with some of the world’s leading bassists in classical and jazz music. BASS 2012 is held at the Opera in Copenhagen the 14th-19th August. On the 17th August the 100 double bass players will sail across the harbor with their instruments, to go ashore on Toldboden…

Drag Queens and transvestites are involved as performance artists in the Battle of Copenhagen, in collaboration with Danish artist Dennis Agerblad from the famous (and infamous) performance group Dunst. Artists visible on ships and fleets also include participants from Copenhagen Pride, happening the same weekend in Copenhagen.

Toldboden is a very beautiful area in the old port, with a view to the old Naval Station, the historic crane from 1791, the Royal Yacht and a retired navy submarine. Toldboden is located next to the impressive Gefion Fountaine. At Toldboden you also find the beautiful restaurant and café ‘Toldboden’, that during the Battle of Copenhagen offers full catering for spectators, including a ‘Seabattle menu’ and outdoor bar.

Audience   Battle of Copenhagen is free of charge, and spectators are invited to walk freely around the docks and park areas surrunding Toldboden. We encourage everyone to arrive by bicycle or public transport!

Battle of Copenhagen is Friday 17th August, from dusk and into the summers night, approximate time is 8.45-10.15 pm.

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