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Copenhagen 9-13th August 2013
Site specific dance and music events in Copenhagen

Flying love priestesses, fierce animal dancers, public initiations and chanting, the public art project Imprint plays with the idea of creating a new religion, suggesting spiritual ambiances in the middle of traffic and rough urban spaces.
Nomadic dancers and musicians travels on bicycles on Christianshavn, Islands Brygge and Christiania, presenting a both humorous and energetic performance concert, inviting the public to interact, and join the cult.
Imprint is a site specific dance and music project presented by international dancers and musicians in collaboration w. Danish choreographer Pipaluk Supernova and double bass player Andreas Bennetzen.
Imprint is working with a transformation of the existing imprints of movement and emotion in the urban fabric.

Imprint /
Imprint at Christianshavn, photo Karina Tengberg

Copenhagen 9-13th August 2013
– check in for latest updates on the nomadic cults whereabouts here and Facebook

Friday 9th august around 5 and 7 pm
Area Christianhavns Torv og Christianshavns Kanal v. Skt Annæ Gade

Saturday 10th august around 5 and 7 pm
Islands Brygge, under Langebro bridge and near Harbor Bath

Sunday 11th august , Christiania
around 1 pm Pusherstreet, 3pm by the bridge across lake and 5 pm
Langgaden (near Indkøberen)

Monday 12th august around 5 and 7 pm
Area Christianhavns Torv og Christianshavns Kanal v. Skt Annæ Gade

Tuesday 13th august around 5 and 7 pm
Christiania, Langgaden (near Indkøberen) and by the bridge across lake

Artists :
Dance, choreography and song : Allison Lorenzen, Hana Lee Erdman, Caroline Alexander, Marissa Clemati, Deva Schubert
Aerial dance and acrobatics  : Ashley Vita Verde,  Johannes Riesinger
Strings and loops : Andreas Bennetzen
Choreography and distortion guitar : Pipaluk Supernova

IMPRINT  is supported by KODA     KODA Dramatik
Copenhagen City (Scenekunst)