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Ponderosa workshops

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Join us at the international dance village Ponderosa Tanzland, near Berlin, offering an intriguing summer program of workshops, residencies, jams and performances. Meet cutting edge artists and performers from around the world in a beautiful and unorthodox countryside community in the old east, great dance spaces, organic gardens, forest and rivers.

Workshops presented by Copenhagen Dream House :

21-25 July 2014
Improvising and composing
in dance and music
workshop w. choreographer Pipaluk 
– bring your beautiful body, your voice, perhaps a musical instrument, or simply the desire to improvise and create in a forward motion. This workshop offers a frame for creative artistic work, defining language and concepts you’d love to explore. A personal journey supported by dynamic group work, fun and challenging improvisation tools, taking us into storytelling, making imagery and textures appear, composing with movement and music.
Dancers, musicians and artists are welcome, new meetings is always an inspiration.

A 5 day resident workshop including daily dance training engaging both the professionals and the passionated, 3 hours pr day + making room for creative labs and performance experiments.

23st-26th June 2014
Dance and Activism
workshop w. choreographer Pipaluk and activist Tash Verco

looking for context and reflection? a need to engage with the issues of the world, our surroundings, what concerns us, local and global issues, as well as our private sphere of interaction.
Our work as dancers and artists need to mean something, to be part of a bigger picture, to touch and move people, to be part of a public debate and reach beyond our own artists world.

A prototype workshop guided by two experienced people, who are curious to make new connections. Included is daily dance sessions with a focus on release technique and improvisation, contact improvisation, and engaging with the near environment. Participants are invited to bring their own ideas and projects, and to be inspired by a variety of subjects and discussions. We dive into different visions and experiences, and explore models for communication skills and project building.
Dance and Activism
is a 4 day resident workshop of dancing, talking, creating new concepts, trying out ideas, making up new stories. Time frame is 5 hours of sessions pr day plus your own project groups
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Tash Verco
organized for positive social change in constructive and confrontative ways for over two decades. She is fascinated by the hows and whys of action for a better world. She wrote a thesis on social movements and collective action and has run workshops and activist education for the last ten years on every thing from non-violent direct action to developing your theories of change. She is inspired by creative change makers and and fueled by the myriad of hopes for different worlds being expressed in creative actions that she has been lucky enough to cross paths with on her travels.

Pipaluk Supernova
choreographer, dancer, musician, she creates dance productions, art events and installations. Pipaluk loves to bring people from different worlds together, embracing daring choreography, live music and new artistic collaborations. She is interested in generating exchange and across the globe initiatives, in the creation of community projects that makes dance and art a part of peoples life.