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Sufi Dark Pop Poetry Café

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India sufi music, drag queen poetry, noise guitar, a double bas party, and a sweet gathering of artists, dancers, drummers, creators, Dj’s, cooks and friends.
Come listen, dance your heart out, join the jam, buy some art, drink hot chocolate, eat raw cakes, wear a wild costume, hug your extended family
Our dance floor is a compass, the bar is hot, our interior is pink, a night in the Opera

SUFI DARK POP POETRY CAFÈ features an exquisite line up of musicians, beat poets, trash queens and performers, including KHAN BROTHERS, 7th generation of sufi musicians from Rajasthan, tablas, harmonium and vocals, PIPALUK SUPERNOVA, voice and guitars, ANDY BENZ, double bass, TRINE TRASH, noise unknown, performance and poetry by HAIRWERK and DENNIS AGERBLAD, and live set by Dj AL LINDRUM.

Join us in making 5th December a THURSDAY to remember, of live music, unheard poetry, rare instruments, strange animals, light paintings, amazing costumes, and sufi love from India.

Thursday 5th December, OPERAEN, CHRISTIANIA
Open kl 18-24, entré 50kr
Kl 18-20
Chill Café, ambient music and live singers, artisan objects, hot chocolate, vegan delights
Kl 20-21
The Khan Supernova project, featuring Khan Brothers, Pipaluk Supernova, Andreas Bennetzen and guest stars
Kl 21-22
Trash queen noise poetry, featuring Trine Trash, Hairwerk, Dennis Agerblad and friends
Kl 22-22.30
Live on double bass, Andy Benz
Kl 22.30-23+
All star session
Kl 23.15-24
Dj spins the night away

Dance floor is open all evening, bring your dancing friends
– and why be boring, wear your best crazy Thursday night galla dress or favorite animal costume

MORE about the artists
The Khan Supernova project is a collaboration between Indian sufi musicians Anwar and Naushad Khan and Danish singer songwriter Pipaluk Supernova. They play new songs from their recent Composers Lab, and a history of art projects and musical journeys across India and Denmark
Andy Benz, aka Andreas Bennetzen, is a double bas pioneer, exploring within a both spheric and upbeat hybrid of classical strings, electronics and loops. Andy Benz released two solo albums, his third is coming soon.
Musician and artist King of Korea, also known as Trine Trash, the unexpected and heartfelt noisy defines this uncompromising female performer. Trine is a driving force in multiple bands and plays a serious feedback guitar.
Costume-artist and performer Hairwerk brings new music and poetry, inspired by our sufi theme. Hairwerk is the king and queen of stormy cabaret acts, stirring up original queer artists.
Dennis Agerblad, writer, popsinger and entertainer, will provide beats and poetry for the occasion. Dennis is an expert in Faroese folk dancing, and an infamous tv-performer.
Musician Søren Hammerlund and friends joins the sufi vibe with nordic medieval instruments.
Artist Jewel Pickard and friends will exhibit light paintings and wearable designs.
Dj Al Lindrum plays live, original Lindrum tracks

 artists and performers are most likely to appear, follow program updates (-: